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Licensed Producers

Licensed Producers

Peace Naturals

Peace Naturals, a Canadian cannabis company, is located in Stayner, Ontario and has been providing Canada with high-quality medicinal cannabis since 2013. Dedicated to safety, Peace Naturals published third-party lab results for each and every product they create and utilizes a custom extraction lab to ensure the highest quality cannabis products.

Solace Health

Solace Health, a licensed medical cannabis company, is located in Mississauga, Ontario that is dedicated to providing top-quality medical cannabis products. Solace Health offers a range of cannabis products including dried, milled and even oils. They aim to empower medical cannabis patients with through knowledge, support, and high-quality products.


Tilray is licensed producer of medical cannabis located in Nanaimo, British Columbia. At Tilray, new strains of medical cannabis are constantly being grown, tested and added to the product list by a team of PhDs, botanists, and horticulturists. Utilizing pure soil and water, precise harvesting times and minimal handling ensures the purest cannabis product.


Tweed is a Canadian cannabis company located in Smiths Falls, Ontario in the abandoned Hershey Chocolate Factory. They were the first to do many things, from offering income-based discounts to listing their shares on the stock exchange. Tweed refines popular stains from around the globe and breeds proprietary genetics, offering a range of cannabis products.