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About Us

About us

Our mission at Lyte Resource Centre –

To help patients acquire their medical cannabis license and gain access to licensed producers as a same day service.

Who we are

Who we are

We make an effort to educate our patients about medical cannabis and how they can have safe access to it across Canada. One of our knowledgeable physicians will meet with you online to assess your condition and discuss whether or not medical may be the right alternative medicine for you.

We’ll make the process of scheduling your appointment with one of our doctors, registering with a medical provider, and placing your order efficient. Each LCRC is powered by encrypted, cutting-edge software so that you can flawlessly schedule an appointment and register with a Health Canada-approved medical cannabis producer in a matter of minutes.

Who we are

What we do

At Lyte Resource Centre we offer patients a wide range of services. Our doctors and nurses leave every patient well informed by tailoring prescriptions to directly meet all their needs. The patient’s application will then be processed and approved and they have the ability to order from one of our signed licensed producers immediately.

Who we are

How we are unique

Lyte Resource Centre is unlike any other medical cannabis license provider. Our technologies give patients the ability to have appointments from online.

We are remaining relevant in the age of technological advancement by also providing access to patients to order their prescriptions through a variety of our Licensed Producer partners.

Who we are


Cannabis has alleviated patient symptoms where conventional therapeutic options have failed. However, for some physicians, prescribing medical to their patients is an unfamiliar process because of the lack of experience and understanding about medical marijuana. Allow our team of educators and physicians help in providing effective care to their patients. Following a patient’s appointment at the Lyte Resource Centre, A Consultation Letter will be sent by fax and mail. We are always available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Who we are


At Lyte Resource Centre we want to reform the old way of thinking that causes feelings of discomfort for many individuals. Cannabis is the future of medication.